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  • Expand 1 idea into 13 different perspectives for holistic content

Expand 1 idea into 13 different perspectives for holistic content

Content Creation, Perspective Expansion — Using ChatGPT to expand one core idea into 13 different perspectives.

Context: I came across [this tweet], which made me think, how simple would it be to take one of your main ideas (within your business) and expand on it for holistic content (content that doesn't discriminate against different types of thinkers). #contentcreation #perspectiveexpansion

Tool: ChatGPTIf it's down, use Playground (Free)

Prompt skeleton

Find/create [#] [perspective/format] [idea] [desired outcome].

  • Find 10 resources that prove copywriting to be a high return on investment.

  • Find 5 mistakes that most new business owners make.

  • Find 5 numbers or statistics that demonstrate why every business needs a brand identity.

  • Create 10 steps to building a sustainable ecommerce business in the fashion industry.

How to use

  1. Pick one core idea

  2. Choose one perspective to start with

  3. Open ChatGPT (or alternative)

  4. Type in the prompt customized to your idea

  5. Use the outputs to create content for social media, email, website etc.

  6. As always, you may not get relevant answer on the first try. Keep tweaking it until you get good output.


Example #1

Core idea: Spending money on branding has a substantial ROI

Prompt: Find 5 statistics that demonstrate why businesses that spend money on branding are more effective and successful than business that don't spend money on branding.

Example #2

Core idea: New copywriters make the same common mistakes. Don't.

Prompt: Find 10 mistakes that most new copywriters make

Let me know what you think!

See you next week.