Weekly AI Newsletter Update

This newsletter was an experiment.


This newsletter was an experiment. I had 30 people subscribe with a few paid subs as well. Thank you for being here and trusting me!

But, it’s a lot of work. In tracking my time, I found that it’s about 3-4 hours per week of research, testing, writing, designing, and some perfectionism :)

On top of that, I had some great opportunities come onto my plate recently. Thus, I can no longer give this newsletter the attention it deserves.

That said, some of you have reached out saying this newsletter was exactly what you needed. So, I am not killing it off 100%, instead, I’m combining my existing newsletter over at Brandthrive with this AI content.

You can sign up for that here.

And finally, here is a mind bending conversation we had with Sam Woods, one of the top minds thinking about AI.

Some of what we cover:

  • Building a business without building an audience

  • Doing excellent work

  • Building a referral system

  • Artificial intelligence (past, future, present)

  • Discomfort & skill growth

  • Copywriting

  • How to think about AI

  • Powerful ChatGPT Prompts

  • Prompt mistakes most people make

  • A spiritual / trippy perspective on AI

  • Beauty & The nature of reality

Thank you